About Us

The Manildra Group

Established for over 60 years Manildra Group is a large, private agribusiness which has grown from a single flour mill to be the largest processor of wheat in Australia.

Manildra value adds to create a diversified product range from flour to starches, gluten, glucose and ethanol.

Manildra group also, in a joint venture, refines the total New South Wales sugar crop.

The entry of Manildra into the meat industry has been a natural progression for the company who already operates a cattle farm and stock feed nosiness.

Our Innovation

Manildra Meat Company operates in an environment characterised by highly variable inputs and market conditions.

Emerging challenges include labour and skill shortages. The high cost of production relative to global competitors, climate change and an increasing regulatory burden. In the face of these challenges, it is essential to deliver innovative tools, processes and manufacturing technologies that provide efficiencies and value across our plant.

By doing this we continue to improve the quality of our product, it's integrity safety and wholesomeness.

Our Plant

In the early 1980s BARRY Noble and his son Peter purchased the small domestic slaughter house at Cootamundra.

That slaughterhouse is now a large operation with 13 chillers and associated blast freezer. A state of the art lamb processing floor and robotic lamb cutting boning room with a capacity to bone and pack 200 lambs daily.

Processing capacity on the lamb floor is 4000 animals per day and beef production is 200 per day The plant employs 230 people and supplies product to customers all over the world as well as supplying lamb to one of Australia largest supermarkets an association that the plant has had for 22 years

Our People

We value diversity in our staff and we will always seek to grow and promote the good within individuals we employ and the people with whom we do business.

At Manildra Meat Company, we work hard to create opportunities and allow people to feel valued.

Our Location

Cootamundra is located in southern NSW and is often referred to as the gateway to the Riverina.

Its surrounding landscape is well regarded as being one of the most productive and diverse agricultural areas in the country, often being referred to as the ‘food bowl of Australia’.

The Cootamundra region is highly recognized for the production of premium quality meats particularly lamb and beef products which are regarded as the best in the world.

Manildra Meat Company is one of the largest employers in Cootamundra, and its cattle and lambs are sourced from local as well as southern and central NSW producers. Manildra Meat Company has developed a direct connection with the livestock producers ensuring both continuity of supply and access to the highest quality produce available.

The Future

The Manildra Meat Company has a perfect natural environment for the breeding and production of an amazing line of products that are developed to the highest possible standards.

Our goal, together with our dedicated and loyal growers and advanced production facility, is to supply top quality products all around the globe for many decades to come.

Our Compliance

Manildra Meat Company is licensed with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) under licence number 3889.

Download Pollution Incident Response Management Plan

Our Vision

We believe that the continuation of our business is dependent on profit balanced with sustainability. We will always act with integrity and fairness. We intend to lead by example within our industry. Our business development will not be earned through the exploitation of others or our environment.

testimonial from a producer

Manildra Meat Company is proud of its association it has with rural Australia. The quality of our product is reflected in the breeding and husbandry of prime lamb throughout the Riverina and South West Slopes of NSW,  and grass fed beef. Manildra Meat Company fully appreciates and understands the significant input Australian Farmers play in the economy of our nation.

-Manildra Meat Company