Manildra Natural Lamb

The Cootamundra region is among the worlds best for premium lamb nurturing and growing. The local family based growers have ties to the land from many generations.

They have perfected the art of sustainable natural farming practises that provide a beautiful natural product that can be enjoyed by us today and a care for the land that will ensure this same flavoursome product is available for generations to come.

The local growers produce a premium lamb product that is tender, full of flavour and consistent. This lamb is as natural as the rich country side, the sunlight and the frequent yearly rainfall that is combined to present this product as nature intended.

Our Vision

We believe that the continuation of our business is dependent on profit balanced with sustainability. We will always act with integrity and fairness. We intend to lead by example within our industry. Our business development will not be earned through the exploitation of others or our environment.

testimonial from a producer

Manildra Meat Company is proud of its association it has with rural Australia. The quality of our product is reflected in the breeding and husbandry of prime lamb throughout the Riverina and South West Slopes of NSW,  and grass fed beef. Manildra Meat Company fully appreciates and understands the significant input Australian Farmers play in the economy of our nation.

-Manildra Meat Company